Arrange Items In A Way & Save Time

Nowadays ,when we have lot of things to do ,and we always find it hard to get time for everything , doing few things in a smarter way can help . In this blog post , I will share small tricks to organise items in containers like

like refrigerator ,cupboard etc which will definitely save some time and effort.

We sometimes keep the items wherever we find some space, without thinking too much and when we need to get the item, we put some time and effort in searching and retrieving it .

Way to arrange items efficiently is:

Arrange the items in order of most frequently needed order i.e. items which which we need more frequently should be kept in front and items needed least or less frequently should be kept at back . This way most of the time you will get the item easily because its available at front and rarely you have to put effort in retrieving items placed backwards .

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